What they say

Caroline’s course meant that not only did we hit the ground running with some essential words, on our first delivery of our Diamonds in the Rough empowerment through baseball program, we were more prepared to test our knowledge. The visual connections to the words made it so easy to remember and we always had our ready reference book close at hand. Would highly recommend Caroline’s courses to anyone wanting to quickly learn a language.

Narelle Gosstray

Head Coach & Co-Founder – Aussie Hearts International Women’s Baseball

“This is the best course I have attended! Love your ideas and learning / teaching styles. Brilliant!”

“I attended the Crash Bahasa course with my husband and would highly recommend it to help to adapt into living in Malaysia. From the first lesson you leave the class with enough tools to have the confidence to speak basic Bahasa out on the street!
Not only did we look forward to each week’s class but the method of teaching Caroline has developed made the class a fun and practical environment to learn in.
…….waiting in anticipation for the Crash Bahasa Level 2 to come out.”

Athalee Brown

“A lot of information taught in such a short time. Enjoyed the use of games, pictures and funny sentences to help remember commonly used words. A lot of very inseful information is taught and provided to help a beginner start learning Bahasa.”

“Much better way of learning – using associates and pictures. Also using games etc. really makes it fun and forces you to remember words!”

“Excellent introduction to learning Bahasa. Content is well thought out and gives you exactly what you need to know.”

“These classes were much more interactive and emphasised how to learn quickly and efficiently the phrases needed to communicate in Bahasa Malaysia”

“Crash Bahasa gives a new learner the basics they need to start trying to communicate in the real world.”

“An easy and fun way to learn. Gives you confidence to try speaking Bahasa. Gives one the ability to start recognising and understanding signs, directions, notices.”

“Gave me immediate confidence to use the language – and a great, accessible set of resources to go back to in my own time. Particularly living here, it is an unintimidating way to build skills in a language, with limited time. it was fun too and I really enjoyed coming.”

“Crash Bahasa really does make the language “stick”.”

“Simple, straight forward & relative to bahasa via picture was better for me.”

“For a person to live here, they pick up basics they can move forward from this course.”

“Caroline’s teaching method made learning fun and relative. The course allowed us to go out and speak Bahasa with confidence! More so than previous full time course I have attended.”

“Good fun, good teaching, motivational to improve, designed to give confidence. A perfect start.”

“In every way so much better than other classes and yet it covered everything.”

“Loved the class it was fun and so informative.”

“It is quick and mostly easy.”

“Very fast. However – covered the basics well.”

“It had more interactive learning.”

“Really good.”

“Really interactive and easy to learn.”

“Excellent day. Thank you.”

“This was faster and used more pictures which worked better.”

“Enjoyed the teaching style – it made learning for me much easier.”

“Learning in this informal manner has made retaining lessons much easier.”

“Practical and fun.”

“The variation of learning styles was something very new (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic etc)”

“Time saving way to gain confidence in the language! Fun and consistently engaging!”

“Such a fun way to learn. Taught lots of rules to help understand how to structure language”.

“The class was very informative and fun. I feel I have a set of tools which I can actually put into practice.”

“Fantastic! The book is a very valuable resource. The games broke up the book learning in a really nice way. Also, the games gave me much better recall than reading off a page.”

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